24/7 Same Day Junk Removal & Clean up Service

• Junk Removal • Insulation Removal • Deck Removal • Hoarding clean Up
• Furniture Removal • Swing Set Removal • Shed/Barn Removal • Clutter Clean Up
• Heavy Safe Removal • Hot Tub removal
• Hot Tub Removal • Estate Clean Outs
• Old Piano Removal • Fence Removal • Fence Removal  • Office Clean Outs

Dr. Pest Control is far more than your average pest control company. We are a locally owned and family operated full service environmental company. Let us remove and haul all of your unwanted clutter and debris. We can take that much stress off your hands. Call Dr. Pest Control NY now 866-615-7378 and find out if you qualify for a free general pest control service after our original junk and clutter hauling & removal service. We strive to gain 100% complete customer satisfaction.



We are available 24/7 any time and any day for same day junk and debris removal services. You can rely on us to pick up your unwanted junk, remove your clutter, get rid of unwanted furniture, remove and haul all types of rubbish, and trash. If you needed it out, we will not only remove it but haul it away too! Even carpet and/or padding tear outs and removal, all types of demolition services, deck and porch dismantling and removal. Fence teardowns and removal, hot tub removal, swimming pool removal, and dry wall tear outs. Hoarding clean ups, raccoon feces and dropping removal, contaminated insulation removal. Crawlspace clean ups, attic clean up and sanitation, mold removal and remediation, water removal from flooded basements, water damage removal, fire damage clean up and removal, and oil spill containment are some of the environmental service we have to offer. Call Dr. Pest Control NY now! 866-615-7378. We deliver solutions.

Dr. Pest Control NY will get rid of all unwanted items like household appliances, like getting rid of old refrigerator, remove old and outdated heavy kitchen appliances, scrap metal removal and any items not mentioned you request. We will clean up after our job is done and in some cases include pest control service for free! We can pick up construction debris, demolition site debris, and renovation rubbish and provide you with a rodent control certificate if needed for permits to keep your construction projects on track. Our Professionals will take care of all your rubbish related burdens. Dr. Pest Control NY will show up on time without making you wait for hours and remove any thing you request and clean up the serviced area, leaving nothing behind for you to be unsatisfied with our services.

We service the entire New York Metro Area with no exclusions. We are fully licensed and insured and can take on any size job. There is no task you can give us that we cant take. Call Dr. Pest Control NY now! 866-615-7378 to schedule a free estimate. We deliver solutions.

Below is a list of all the junk, debris removal and hauling services we offer. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week for emergency service appointments and offer extremely fast response within reason. Call now for a free Estimate 888-678-7378.

Serving all of New York Metro, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island,  Long Island, Suffolk, Nassau and  Westchester Counties.

Dr. Pest Control Of New York Is proud to serve the tristate area. NYC NY NJ CT

New York | Connecticut | New Jersey 


Clean Out Services - We can remove all unwanted items you request

  • Emergency and same day basement clean out services
  • Same day emergency garage cleanout services
  • Emergency estate clean outs for same day appointments
  • Same day Attic clean outs and content removal emergency service
  • Emergency Building clean outs same day service
  • Same day house clean outs services
  • Emergency home clean outs same day services
  • Same day commercial clean outs emergency service
  • Emergency Hoarding and clean outs same day service
  • Construction clean up services
  • Contaminated insulation removal services


Junk & Debris Removal And hauling Services – We can remove all items requested form your property.

  • Same day junk removal
  • Old and used office furniture removal service
  • Emergency same day old Appliance removal service
  • Old refrigerator removal same day service
  • Washing machine removal same day service
  • Kitchen appliances removal service
  • Same day trash removal
  • Paper and box removal service
  • Wood piles removal services
  • Furniture removal services
  • Garbage removal service
  • Rubbish removal service
  • Furniture removal services
  • Debris removal services
  • Landscaping junk and debris removal service
  • Wet carpet and padding removal service
  • Hot tub removal service
  • Treadmill removal service
  • Jacuzzi removal service
  • Swimming pool removal service
  • Piano removal service
  • Television removal services
  • Scrap and old computer removal services
  • Wet insulation removal services
  • Dry wall removal services
  • Mud removal services
  • Exercise machine removal services
  • Exercise equipment removal services


Demolition And Dismantling services- we can dismantle, demolish, break down and remove anything you request.

  • Residential demolition service
  • Building gut out service
  • Residential demolition service
  • House gut out service
  • Fence demolition & removal service
  • Home demolition services
  • Basement gut out service
  • Shed dismantling, demolition & removal services
  • Deck demolition and removal services
  • Commercial demolition services
  • Barn dismantling, demolition & removal services
  • Garage demolition and removal services
  • Building demolition services
  • Swimming pool demolition and removal service
  • House demolition service
  • Home gut out service
  • Jacuzzi dismantling service
  • Hot tub demolition service
  • Scrapped and junk metal removal service
  • Tile floor removal services
  • Linoleum floor removal services
  • Kitchen cabinet removal services
  • Wood floor removal services
  • Ceiling and wall removal services
  • Hard wood floor demolition services


Flood, Water, Fire & Mold clean up servicesWe can mitigate all water damage and flood losses too! We will also deal with your insurance company for your so you don’t have to stress your self more.

  • Flood water removal 24 hour emergency Services
  • Emergency Water pump out 24-hour services
  • Fire damage clean up emergency services
  • 24-hour storm damage clean up services
  • Emergency sewage removal & clean up services
  • Hurricane damage clean up services
  • 24-hour mud damage clean up and removal service
  • Emergency service wind damage clean up services



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