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Animal Feces Clean Up

Dr. Pest Control specializes on animal feces clean up. We provide raccoon feces removal raccoon feces clean up, squirrel feces removal and clean up, opossum feces clean up and removal, bat feces clean up and removal and many other animal feces containing pathogens and virus.

Cleaning up after nuisance wildlife feces isn't as simple as sweeping it and wiping it off. There are many diseases and parasites that wildlife carry around. Much worse, most wildlife carry viruses in their intestines and feces. professional cleaning is strongly recommended since proper equipment and anti-microbial application is needed.

We can clean up and remove all contaminated material from your property. Dr. Pest Control strives to provide cost affordable services. Because we are a family owned and operated one stop shop specializing in many fields, we can render all of our services with higher quality and lower price than most of our competitors.

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