Dead Animal Removal

Dr. Pest Control has highly experienced professionals specializing in dead animal removal. When we get the job, we get it done! Many times we come and finish the job other companies started and weren't able to complete. Don't pay an arm and a leg by hire a company that won't be able to take care of your dead animal situation. And most of all don't wait till there's foul and a bad odor from a dead animal to worsen and the smell gets unbearable. If you allow time to pass by, not only will you get dead animal smell but the dead animal's body will attract other pests, like flies, maggots, or even other predators that can or will try to fee on the dead animal carcass. Weather it is a dead raccoon inside your attic, dead squirrel inside your walls, dead opossum in your garage, dead smelly skunk in your shed, or any dead animal on your lawn, Call Dr. Pest Control NY 866-615-7378. We deliver solutions.
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    A dead animal can cause lots of problems other than the obvious bad smell and odor. It can attract other pests like insects, and other predators in search of food. Dead animal odors can cause discomfort in your home, office, and even place of worship. In rental properties tenants and neighbors will complain about the foul odors and these secondary pests that are attracted. In offices and schools the dead animal carcass smell will interrupt peoples concentration and even worse affect the workflow. In business, these bad smells from dead animals will make customers not want to stick around especially in restaurants and food establishments. Dr. Pest Control NY will remove the dead animal carcass from the affected property/area and apply deodorizers to counter act the bad smell/odors, apply antimicrobials to sanitize and disinfect the affected area, and apply pesticides and treat for secondary pests when necessary. Call now 866-615-7378. Dr. Pest Control NY delivers Solutions.

    How to Get Rid of a Dead Animal Carcass

    The proper way to dispose of a dead animal carcass is either by burial, incineration or hazardous waste disposal sites. Depending on the size and type of animal you might get away with bagging it and leave it to the local garbage and waste service to take it along with your other trash bags, although if it's a large animal they might not want to take it. A animal service center might take the dead animal carcass as well. However if it's a private practice, they might charge fees for the dead animal body's disposal.

    The animals body should be buried in the at least 3 feet deep and should be buried in your property. You may be able to burry the dead animal in some one else's property if the property owner allows you to. I recommend you get written approval should you go this route. If the dead animal was a pet, you may use a box to place the carcass and lay stones above the dug area once filled. The stones will prevent scavengers from digging.
    Animal Service Centers
    You may call your local animal services and ask if they accept dead animal carcass for proper disposal. Local animal shelters and ASPCA might be best. A local vet might also take a dead animal body but will most likely charge you a fee.
    An incinerator may be use to cremate the dead animals body, however, t's not likely that you will have access to an incinerator. You might be able to attempt a really big bonfire, although there may be local laws against it. I recommend you call the local authorities and check on the laws pertaining to this if you go down this route.
    Along with your garbage
    if it's a small animal you might get away wit throwing the dead animal's body along with your trash and have the local waste service company take it with all your garbage bags. It it's a big dead animal carcass, the local garbage men might discourage it.

    24/7 same day Junk Removal and Recycling

    Dr. Pest Control is far more than your average pest control company. We are a locally owned and family operated full service environmental company. Let us remove and haul all of you unwanted clutter and debris. We can take that much stress off your hands. Call Dr. Pest Control NY now 866-615-7378 and find out if you qualify for a free general pest control service after our original junk and clutter hauling & removal service. We strive to gain 100% complete customer satisfaction.

    We are available 24/7 any time and any day for same day junk and debris removal services. You can rely on us to pick up your unwanted junk, remove your clutter, get rid of unwanted furniture, remove and haul all types of rubbish, and trash. If you needed it out, we will not only remove it but haul it away too! Even carpet and/or padding tear outs and removal, all types of demolition services, deck and porch dismantling and removal. Fence teardowns and removal, hot tub removal, swimming pool removal, and dry wall tear outs. Hoarding clean ups, raccoon feces and dropping removal, contaminated insulation removal. Crawlspace clean ups, attic clean up and sanitation, mold removal and remediation, water removal from flooded basements, water damage removal, fire damage clean up and removal, and oil spill containment are some of the environmental service we have to offer. Call Dr. Pest Control NY now! 866-615-7378. We deliver solutions.

    Dr. Pest Control NY will get rid of all unwanted items like household appliances, like getting rid of old refrigerator, remove old and outdated heavy kitchen appliances, scrap metal removal and any items not mentioned you request. We will clean up after our job is done and in some cases include pest control service for free! We can pick up construction debris, demolition site debris, and renovation rubbish and provide you with a rodent control certificate if needed for permits to keep your construction projects on track. Our Professionals will take care of all your rubbish related burdens. Dr. Pest Control NY will show up on time without making you wait for hours and remove any thing you request and clean up the serviced area, leaving nothing behind for you to be unsatisfied with our services.

    We service the entire New York Metro Area with no exclusions. We are fully licensed and insured and can take on any size job. There is no task you can give us that we cant take. Call Dr. Pest Control NY now! 866-615-7378 to schedule a free estimate. We deliver solutions.

    Below is a list of all the junk, debris removal and hauling services we offer. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week for emergency service appointments and offer extremely fast response within reason. Call now for a free Estimate 888-678-7378.

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