Skunk Trapping, And Control

The sight of skunks can literally make someone runaway. Skunks are known for the foul smelling liquid they discharge, as they feel threatened. They can be nuisance pest animals when a skunk is living in residential vicinity; a skunk is living inside your garage, and even worse when a skunk has sprayed a family member, neighbor or even your pet. Skunks are also great diggers and may dig hole in your lawn, yard near you home, garage or shed. Skunks are also one the list as one of the top carriers of rabies. They carry fleas, ticks, and other parasites that can transmit diseases. Let Dr. Control trap, remove and control your skunk problems. We can remove skunks with ease. Our trained professionals have the experience and knowledge needed to safely remove skunks from you property. Call us now! 866-615-7378. We deliver solutions.

About skunks

You can identify a skunk by its white stripe from head to tail on its black fur. They can weigh as much as 20 Lbs. and reach a length of about 35 inches. Skunks are usually solitary and when mating, partnerships are not usually long lasting. Mating season is around early spring and give birth to a liter of up to six young. The mother sticks around until they are just about a year. Most wild skunks have a life span of about 5 years and it has been reported that about 10 years in captivity.

Skunks are nocturnal animals and mainly inhabit forested areas, fields and suburban areas. They are naturally predators, however their diets consist of a combination of both vegetation and animal matter. The can eat insects, larvae, earthworms, grubs, small rodents, lizards, snakes, birds, berries, leaves, grass, fungi etc. and change their diets as the seasons change. Skunks are not aggressive but will bite if it fells its necessary in order to protect itself. The most prevalent cause of skunks biting humans is rabies.

Skunk Damage

Skunks can cause lots of property damage as they gain entry and inhibit peoples homes, business and places of worship. They leave contaminated feces and urine plus foul odors and stains from their spraying. They also dig many holes in the ground and force them selves into people's garages, sheds and any other structure they can find a way into in order to find shelter. Dr. pest Control can help you avoid, minimize and even prevent skunk damage. Call us now! 866-615-7378. We deliver solutions.

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