Squirrel Control, Squirrel Removal and Squirrel EXclusion

Squirrels may be cute and charming, but can become a serous problem when in your property. When a squirrel makes a home out of your home/office or place of worship, it can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your home. They can gnaw and chew through an inch thick piece of wood and cause lots of damage to your roof, soffits when trying to get in you attic. Once inside your home, squirrels will nest and flatten, shred, add chewing materials to create its bedding for a confortable nest. Not to mention the constant urine, fecal droppings and parasites squirrels leave around would be foolish. Electrical wires, heating and cooling air ducts are also at risk of getting damaged. A neglected electrical wire that has been gnawed, or chewed can lead a short, which can the result in a fire. It is also very common for gnawed and chewed plumbing PVC pipes to cause leaks and structural water damage. Dr. Pest Control NY can Trap, control, remove and prevent squirrels from damaging your property. Call now! 866-999-7378, we deliver solutions.

All of Dr. Pest Control Professionals are fully licensed, trained and have had extensive experience in removing squirrels and other wildlife from attics, homes, crawlspaces, offices and places of worship. Our method is humane and effective.

Squirrel Control & RemovalSquirrel Removal & Control

1. Inspection
We Inspect the roof and soffits to identify all entry possible points t squirrels may be using to get into the attic or property.
2. Professional and Humane Squirrel Trapping And Removal Service
Humane traps are set in the attic and sometimes outside near all the evident entry points. When the squirrels are captured in the traps we then come pick them up and remove the squirrels from your property.
3. Repairing Squirrel Damage And Exclusion Service
Repairs may be necessary and upon request are made to the roof to prevent future invasions. Dr. Pest Control NY professionals are experts at making the repairs inconspicuous and aesthetically pleasing. Squirrel exclusion service is crucial in preventing squirrels from re-entering your property

Attic Sanitization & Renovation.

Very often, some sections of attic insulation need to be removed & replaced due to waste, parasites and rubbish left from the squirrels. After the damaged and contaminated insulation is removed, the area is then sanitized. New insulation is blown or installed into the attic and a deodorizing agent is applied to counteract all possible foul odors. Heating and cooling air ducts are sometimes chewed through and damaged which need to be repaired or replaced.

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